The Herd at Roxywood Farms

At Roxywood Farms we are proud of the unique genetics we have assembled in our pastures and our farm boasts time honored bloodlines from across the nation. Located in Christiana, TN we focus on smart, willing llamas, with correct conformation and happy attitudes! We are thrilled to bring our standard of excellence to the Middle Tennessee llama market, so that our customers can find the perfect llama to suit their needs whether it be pet, fiber, show or breeding!

How a Llama Can Change Your Life

You may be asking yourself, what will I do with a llama? The fact is, there are so many different directions you can go in when it comes to owning a llama.



If you’re interested in competing in the showring, our stock has tried and true genetics focused on large athletic frames with presence and flair!



Are you looking to improve the genetics of your current llama herd? Our bloodlines are carefully selected to enhance breed standards in size, conformation and fiber quality.



We raise suri, silkie and medium to heavy wool llamas with luxurious fiber – PERFECT – for all of your fiber desires!



You may not have known, but llamas can be incredible therapy animals. At our farm, we strive to bring you llamas with the personality traits that allow you to train them to become certified therapy llamas. Once trained you can enjoy taking them to libraries, elementary schools and nursing homes.

If you’re interested in owning a llama and experiencing first-hand what makes this animal so amazing, take a look at our portfolio of llamas that are currently for sale. This list is constantly changing, so be sure to check back often to see which llamas are still available.

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