Roxywood Farms.. why us??

Here at Roxywood Farms we enjoy everything there is about llamas. Located just 15 miles East of Memphis Tennessee, our small farm is the picture perfect spot to raise and love the llama! When we’re not showing off our llamas in the show ring, we enjoy taking our critters to the park for a hike or down the road for a stroll. Since we are a small farm, all of our llamas are handled on a regular basis. All of our llamas are halter broke and patient of grooming, shearing, toe trimming etc. We particularly enjoy showing people how versatile the llama can be and how quickly they can pick up training for Obstacles, PR, Pack and that they can be used as therapy animals!! Imagine the surprise of a llama visit at a nursing home or elementary school!

Millie Grand Champ llama race 2014

We specialize in the marketability of unique bloodlines on conformationally correct llamas with stellar personalities. We enjoy a wide range of fiber types from suri, to single coat silky and from medium wool to heavy wool coverage. We have a special weakness for llamas with good personalities, so if you want a family llama to enjoy, show or breed… check out our sales page!

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