Roxywood's Peak Season - ILR# 291044 - Roxywood Farms

LUA Bravado’s Izadoro  x FCLF Macchiato’s Minyana

DOB: 8/26/17    NOT  FOR SALE

This girl’s mom, Yana, is a fantastic example of what you try to breed for in a llama: smart, tall, balanced, square and a splash of color.  He sire is no slouch either, as his calm willing demeanor is a prized characteristic on the farm.

 Peak was born during our peak season at work and exemplifies what you hope for when you pair two amazing llamas.  She is the PEAK of perfection with confirmation, stretch and balance, and the PEAK of temperament in that she is mellow, willing and smart. I can’t wait for this girl to mature and see what she does.