Roxywood’s Katniss – ILR# TBD - Roxywood Farms

Roxywood’s Katniss – ILR# TBD

Anguila’s Muneca x SPCL Intimidator

DOB: 4/10/17 $SOLD! Congrats Craig Mason!

This is a super neat young lady. She has a very solid and substantial bone structure, yet

it’s feminine and athletic. She is gaining approximately one pound a day. Her mom,

Muneca, is a very heavy milker. Katniss’ coloring is particularly unique, with mixes of

black, brown, and sable, swirled together and accented by splashes of white. She

appears very correct right now and will be a fun one to show when she is old enough.

 I wasn’t going to sell this one, but someone twisted my arm!! Congrats to  Craig Mason!