GMRH Giada – #279385 - Roxywood Farms

GMRH Giada – #279385

Staletto x GMRH Gianna

DOB: 9/20/09  

Gia was purchased from the Ozark Sale from Mary Beeson. THANK YOU, MARY, for

parting with this girl. She is AMAZING! She is the biggest suri girl I have ever owned —

easily topping the tape at  46″. She has wonderful, tight twisted locks––just how I like

them! On top of the luscious suri fiber, she has perfect conformation with a long stretchy

neck, solid bone, and a substance you rarely find in a suri. She pulls her suri genes from

Chileno Canaletto II on her sire side and Kantu on the dam side. Should she be

pre-potent for throwing suri locks, let’s just hope the size stays there too! Gia is a

fabulous red roan color, and I can’t wait to see what she will produce!!