East Fork Shania -ILR# 215002 - Roxywood Farms

East Fork Shania -ILR# 215002

Riny’s King Crimson x East Fork Corrina Corrina

DOB: 9/30/99  $SOLD

Shania was an unexpected purchase from Yellow Wood Llamas in 2013. Thank you to

Laura and Fred for letting this gem travel to TN. Shania has a very spunky personality,

but her overall conformation is incredible. She has the lanky, athletic build I had been

looking for, without compromising strength and conformation. Shania tricked us into

thinking she was pregnant for a 2014 and a 2015 cria… but alas she was open! This old

girl is done with her baby making and now her job is to be as a herdmate and godmother

over the little ones!