JNK Marisco’s Fabrizia – #287526 - Roxywood Farms

JNK Marisco’s Fabrizia – #287526

Marisco x CMF Eagle’s Kestrel

DOB: 9/1/14

After purchasing JNK Marisco’s Versace last year from Terry Spekreije of Serenety Park

LLamas and Niki Kulklenski of JNK Llamas, I just knew that when Bree became

available, I wanted her. Bree is a full sister to Versace, an extremely mild mannered boy

who’s developing into something truly special. These lines are carefully thought out and

pull together a balanced athletic frame that complements some of the more boxy Chilean

lineage I have in my program.

Bree is leggy, lanky, and has the sweetest disposition. I have four outstanding show girls

in her same age category, so we may have some trouble figuring out who to show, but

this girl is phenomenal and we are excited to see how she matures. Both Bree and

Versace are the type of farm PR llama that have the capability to do a lot of work outside

of the ring. I see a bright future in both of them as llama ambassadors!

Bree is exposed to Gryphon’s Glory for a fall 2017 cria.